im lovin it . :)

eika berblogwalking. then, tersinggah aishaJ punyer blog. bace sala satu entry dye. best cgt word yg dye tules. s0, nak share kt cney. peaaaace. :D

Sometimes love come and go like season.
sometimes they go without reason
Sometimes the one you love would be the one who will hurt you.
Sometimes the one you wanted won't stay long.
But, God will always love you.Parents will always love you.
If you just going through a breakup, don't be sad. He/She is just not the one.
They were not meant for you.
And they were meant to be with you for a little while,
just to teach you the meaning of heartbroken.
It also takes time. Give yourself time to except all this.
It'll get better in time.Never ever let love get you down.
Love is a happy thing. So let it carve smile on face.
They will always that someone for someone.
They will always that someone that will always love you.
Where there is love, there is life.

credit to aishaJ .


Syafiq Salim said...

:) smile jerk....

cintailah cinta selagi cinta itu masih ada dlm diri....

Leysa JL said...

yaaa, agree n love this one! (^__^)

nurulatika said...

i love it too . :D
smetyme its hard to found people that appreciate love, especially guys. :)